About Us


The far sighted vision of the company has make it reach up to the new heights in a very short span of its operation evolving with changing life styles of people and understanding their needs for distinctive architecture. LOTUS envisioned a whole new world of furniture fittings accessories. A continuous research for new product secures its capacity to be permanently updated with the new aesthetical and functional demands in the market. We are well equipped with the various production processes which include casting, machining, electroplating, assembling etc. is done in house to maintain quality standards. We are empowered with the permanently motivated team of highly qualified as well as experienced people, working with the sense of spirit of delivering the best quality products to the customers. At present we have an extensive network of many dealers across India.


Our philosophy of total in house manufacturing right from raw material to the finished product stages make it possible to check the quality of each and every product at various stages of production so that only the best reaches to our customers.

Manufacturing Processes

1. Casting: We utilize good quality zinc alloy raw material for casting purpose which gives perfect surface to finished product.
2. Polishing/Grinding: Polishing and grinding is done on the automatic machines to provide mirror smooth finishing which is essential for perfect surface coating.
3. Surface Coating: In surface coating we include nickel plating, gold plating, electrophoretic lacquering etc.
4. Packing: Packaging is done in colourful packaging using good material to avoid surface damage in transits or during storage.
5. Quality Control Department: Every step in the production process is subjected to our requisite quality assurance system.

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